Space Exploration Essay

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Space Exploration Space is a true wonder to human beings. But the value of exploration has been debated across the globe since the initial launch of Russia’s Sputnik I. This has been a great advancement in human technology, but other matters at hand could be evaluated more intensely. Instead of directing attention and funds towards frivolous explorations, issues on human health, cutting lavish spending, and environmental problems should always be put at the forefront of government or political issues. The “obvious” issues at hand should be handled without further delay. People must always value the lives of the people that are here on earth. There are many pressing issues that cause populations to have early death rates. Disease and natural deaths have given the human race nothing but problems. The National Institutes of Health (Source D) has come up with statistical figures that show improvement in global health, but some of these figures show a continued need for growth. Sudden infant syndrome death rates fell about 50%, while the infectious diseases such as pneumonia are prevented by vaccines. Also, the overall rate of heart diseases and stroke fell by 40% and 51% respectively. These are all very encouraging, but imagine if the rates of success are all at 100%. Many of the viruses within society could potentially be removed if the issue were heavily focused upon. A budget that is spent on focusing to gradually improve mortality rates instead of increased space travel would be highly beneficial to the growing human race. Livingston (Source A) brings in an invalid point because he believes that the money spent on space exploration is worthwhile. He evokes the economic value of space exploration. Take the photo (Source B), and imagine how long and how many people it took to create the monstrous piece of metal. It must have used millions or billions of taxpayer

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