Space and Bound Essay

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In the previous essay it was noted that one may only speculate upon what is not manifested (unknowable). These speculations immediately become knowable as manifested thoughts. To know the unknowable, one seems to visualize the possibilities of what could be there. In general, thought is imagination of what might be there when one lacks direct perception. It is the forming of mental images or concepts of what is not present to be sensed. Language is not necessary for thought to form. Language simply provides symbolic expression to thought. Thought is visualization. The purpose of thought is to give form to the unknowable. Thought seems to be spurred by the unknown. It starts as “wonder” at the possibilities that could be there. One then starts to believe in some of these “possibilities.” Thought then proceeds as “inspiration” to bring those possibilities about. The knowable is formed through visualization or thought. A thought is not NOTHING. A thought is SOMETHING. A thought is, therefore, knowable as ideas. Even the idea of a mystery is a manifested thought. It is known as “anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown.” If you look at a thought in your mind, and follow it all the way back to its beginning, you may find imagination. The words that you visualize are actually symbols used for thoughts. When you look at what these words represent, you will find mental images. Words and symbols are a condensation of visualization or thought. Visualization or thought is at the core of creation. The activity of creation may be studied by observing how mental images come about. The ability to create is the ability to visualize an original thought. Thinking compares and associates existing thoughts and comes up with new thoughts that give further form to the unknown. As thinking evolves, the thoughts that are more consistent

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