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[pic] Sociopetal-Indoors Grandmas House 8:45 PM 9/12/09 This is a picture of my grandmas dining room table. As you can see it’s set up as a sociopetal space. There are chairs set up around the oval table for easy conversation. This is a little after dinner time, where my family is just sitting down and chatting while drinking some nice hot tea. My aunty, uncle, and grandma are all lined up, while my mom is sitting at the corner diagonally to them, and they are all close enough to have a conversation with ease. This set up is common in almost all homes, which confirms this as an ideal sociopetal space. [pic] [pic] Sociofugal-Outdoors Public bus stop located across UH Manoa campus (Sinclair Library) 10:30 AM 9/14/09 After one of my classes at UH, I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk off campus, and as soon as I took one step off campus I saw the perfect sociofugal space I was looking for. about 100 yards from Sincair Library I saw this bus stop with an unusual bench setup, where there were about 5 benches lined up parallel to one another. There are many aspects to the setup of this bus stop that I like; first I like that the shelter is placed distant to the sidewalk so that people can stand and move around; I also like that there are multiple benches spaced apart far enough so it’s not so crowded. In the picture you can see a man and woman sitting on the same bench but seem to have no relation to one another, because if you look closely you can see the man has his body shifted away from the woman. A man is sitting by himself on the next bench, shows he wants space to himself, which he can get from this setting of the bus stop. [pic] Sociopetal-Indoors McCully Curry House 1:30 PM 9/12/09 This is around lunch time at Curry House, and if you want some of the best curry this is the place to go. The seating

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