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Center for Learning and Technology COURSE SYLLABUS ELEMENTARY SPANISH I SPA-101-GS Course Syllabus ELEMENTARY SPANISH I SPA-101-GS ©Thomas Edison State College April 2014 S- 2 Course Essentials Elementary Spanish I is the first semester of a three-semester introductory Spanish course. It is designed to give students full communicative proficiency in Spanish: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The video component uses the telenovela, a popular Hispanic genre familiar to Americans as the soap opera, to combine a dramatic story line with instruction. Objectives After completing Elementary Spanish I, you should be able to:      Comprehend elementary Spanish (spoken slowly). Ask and answer questions on a few topics concerning everyday activity and describe people and places briefly. Read elementary Spanish materials that were written for a second language learner. Write and converse on several topics in the present and the past tenses. Discuss aspects of the culture and history of countries around the world where Spanish is spoken. Course Materials In addition to the Course Syllabus, you will need the following materials to do the work of the course. All of these materials are available from the textbook supplier, MBS Direct. Textbook Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish. Alternate Edition by Bill VanPatten, Martha Alford Marks, and Richard V. Teschner (New York: McGrawHill, 1997). Workbook/Study Guide Workbook/Study Guide I to Accompany Destinos: Second Edition of the Alternate Edition by Bill VanPatten, Martha Alford Marks, and Richard V. Teschner (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002). Video Programs Destinos (18 half-hour video programs on 7 DVDs produced by WGBH and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting). S- 3 Course Structure Elementary Spanish I is a 3-credit, 12-week course consisting of 18 lessons, 10 assignments,

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