soy as source of nutrition

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Food has a very important role in public health. All members of society without exception is the food consumers. Considerations about acceptability food should be used in making planning for the provision of food. Factors that determine the quality of the food good, it can be reviewed from several aspects, including aspects of taste (taste and flavor), the actual substances in food and nutrition aspects of public health. Especially the quality aspect of a natural and effective to guide us in achieving good health. Among the types of beans, soybean is a source of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber that is good. Fat soybean in some fosfolipida are important, namely leticin, sepalin and lipocitol. Soybean is believed to cure many diseases, such as diabetes, kidney, anemia, rheumatism, diarrhea, hepatitis, and hypertension. Gynecology substances in sufficient nutritious soybean believed to cure various disease. With a variety of benefits and goodness, very up to be pitied when we are still not able to meet their own needs of soybean. Many food products made from soybean raw materials, including soy milk made from soy extracts. Degree of protein and amino acid composition and fat in soy milk almost the same cow milk. It depends on the composition of soybean varieties and processing. Soy milk lately has been known as the alternative of cow milk. It has matrix protein with a high enough price relatively cheaper compared with other sources of protein. Soybean especially important for babies and children need the protein that is to growth, especially babies and children who are allergic to cow milk. As a beverage, soy milk can be healthy and make healthy body, because, in general, only a refreshing drink but it is not healthful. Soy milk is known as a health drink, because it does not contain cholesterol but phytokimia womb, that is a compound in food .

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