Sow Bug Lab Report

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Sowbug Animal Behavior Lab Purpose of Lab Activity: The purpose of this lab activity is to observe various aspects of terrestrial isopods. Also to conduct experiments examining the responses of isopods to various environmental factors. Background Information and Characteristics: Sowbugs are crustaceans, they are related to lobsters, crabs, and shrimp, and breath through their gills. These bugs live in dark moist habitats and will try to flee when they feel threatened. Many organisms exhibit a tactile response, in this case the sow bugs will either move towards a positive environment or away from a negative environment. The evolutionary advantage of this is to avoid predators, predation, to locate food, and avoid toxic environments. The Sowbugs when placed in the behavior chamber showed taxis and kinses behaviors. A taxis behavior is when a species or animal deliberately moves to or from a variable. A kinses behavior is their activity rate. Sowbugs when given different variables will show taxis and kinses towards then and that was the true purpose to this lab. When tested in their behavior chambers the sowbugs will choose the variables most like there natural environment. Scientific Drawing: See attached. Answers to Questions (1-9) 1) They sense with their antennas 2) Yes 3) Yes 4) 2 5) 14 legs 6) Some crawl on top of others, but does not matter in size 7) Gills 8) They molt their exoskeletons. 9) They like dark moist areas. They also like the sweetness of the apples that they were tested on. Hypothesis: Variable #1 If sowbugs prefer a apples vs. carrots then when they are randomly placed on both sides of an apple/carrot chamber and allowed to move about freely for 10 minutes, then most will be found on the side with apples. Variable #2 If sowbugs prefer a dark environment , then when they are randomly placed on both sides of a

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