Soviet Union History Analysis

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Upon taking this course which is history of the Soviet Union, we learned from several primary sources. These were informational in to telling us the history of the Soviet Union. I am going to discuss some of these sources. The primary source “The Miners of the DonBass Speak out on March 26, 1991 was an interview that was conducted on May 26-27, 1991 in Donetsk, which is the coal capital of the Ukraine. The whole purpose was informing the public about what is going on about the strike of the coalfields and why the city of Donetsk went on strike. The motives of those who created this document were to so that the Donetsk City support the workers and that they existence. The potential bias of this document is that it seemed like the workers couldn’t…show more content…
It was a primary source of a person’s life experience. It is a textbook document. It is a way for people to see the views or ways of this one life in the time of the Soviet Union. It is an example of what life was like those years. Since this is more or less a textbook document, it was probably met for students and historians. As said before, this document was to see the view of it was for this one life in the years of the Soviet Union. The bias of this document would be it is one sided. It would not be a smart idea to think that this is how it was for everyone in Soviet Russia. Of course, it is an idea of how it could have been for the people of the Soviet countries at the time. Since it is a life experience, I would be bias on the fact, was it really like this for everyone? Everyone experiences life in the Soviet Union a different way. It would be a good idea to look at different cultures and well- beings. For example, how was it for someone who did not get an education or who was very religious? Looking at all viewpoints, this would be best for this part of history and life experience. Trustworthiness has to do with the question/questions being asked. Since it is a life experience and it does show a little history backing the story up then I would say it is a trustworthy document. It is a textbook source as well. To say this, then one would hope that it can be trusted. Since, it was from a person’s memory then I would second guess on some of the information. It is troublesome to remember things, especially as one gets
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