Sovereignty In Inherit The Wind

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“I am a news paper man, bearing news. When this sovereign state determined to indict the sovereign mind of a less than sovereign school teacher, my editor decided there was more than a headline here.,”(22) If an individual was asked to sit down today and talk about certain beliefs they do have or previously have had, it would be easy for them to respond and share their thoughts. In this century where the study of science has increased and continues to do so, the mind of a human being is much greater then it used to be. In the play, Inherit the Wind, by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, allows readers to think for themselves and be personable when it comes to choices and decision making. The quote by E.K. Hornbeck is the beginning example of how one individual, no matter how powerful, can create a question,conflict, or difference for an entire group of people. Before continuing with my essay I found it very important to understand the full meaning of what sovereignty was. In many common cases and dictionary's it can be seen listed as king, queen, or…show more content…
Hornbeck's statement makes the reader understand that even the largest group or society can feel challenged or threatened by one single person. During the play, this person happened to be Bertram Cates, a young, mannerly school teacher. Although Bertram Cates was not causing destruct and conflict on purpose, he became a threat to everyone around him because he did what he thought was the truth. He explored outside the lines of which he's always been taught, and unlike any other individual in his town, he went with what he believed. This caused a raging uproar because during that time era, science was not yet studied the way it is today. It was all about God and what was “true.” Even if people didn't believe the entire story and religion following God and creation, it was very unlikely that they would speak up or have anything to say about it yet alone against
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