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The Romans: Heir to Greek and Hellenistic Civilizations Humanities 1101 Introduction Before there was Rome and the Roman Empire, there were the Greeks of the Classical period and a subsequent period called Hellenistic Age, which lasted from the death of Alexander the Great until the rise of the Roman Empire. Classical Greek period is considered to be one of the most influential eras in terms of religion, philosophy, law, and art. It played a significant role in developing the Roman way of life as the Greeks were highly respected due to their advanced society. While the Greeks were sophisticated and intellectual beings, Romans, in contrast, were hard working merchants and traders who had a gift at adapting and governing borrowed cultures. With the rise of the Roman Empire and continued expansion of its territory, it was only a matter of time before the Romans would incorporate elements of Ancient Greek culture into its own and become a multicultural society. This paper will critically review Professor Weber and Professors Matthews and Platt account regarding Greeks’ influence on the Romans, in terms of law, philosophy, religion, literature, architecture, sculpture and painting and also provides an analysis of whose account I found to be most comprehensive and persuasive. Law While, in most aspects, the Romans were heirs to the Greek civilization before them, there most significant contribution was in the field of law albeit with Greek influence. The Roman’s law created the notion of justice based on fairness to all parties and the presumption of innocence in criminal cases, which would eventually become the central theme of Western legal practices. However, the most important aspect of Roman law, the idea of natural law, was derived from a Hellenistic philosophy called Stoicism. Stoicism was a Greek philosophy started around 300 BC that identified

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