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Southwest Airlines Wilmington University Abstract The paper begins with relevant facts pertaining to Southwest Airlines, the largest domestic airline carrier in the United States. It outlines employee appreciation efforts and community outreach, and goes on to describe various other corporate initiatives. The following section includes a biography of two of the more important figures in Southwest’s history—Herb Kelleher, the co-founder, and Gary Kelley, the current CEO. Background is given on each of the two figures, and their contributions are discussed. The remaining section discusses the leadership style that is employed by Southwest Airlines, which is followed by a SWOT analysis of the organization. Southwest Airlines Every day, in the news, we hear about another business that has failed or filed for bankruptcy. Whether it is their strategic planning, their customer service, lack of leadership, or poor use of their budget, there are many reasons that these companies may have been unsuccessful. However, that is not the case for Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines has been a successful company for the past 38 years, unlike the many other airline companies within their industry who have filed for bankruptcy. So how does a company have the success that Southwest Airlines has had in such a tough industry? That answer is simple. It is because of the great leadership style of their CEO, Gary Kelly. In this paper we are going to discuss the facts surrounding the leadership practices of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher, Founder, and Gary Kelly, CEO as well as take a look at their SWOT analysis. Southwest Airline Facts Southwest Airlines was founded in Texas on June 18, 1971. The company began operations with three aircraft serving three cities, and is now serving seventy-two cities with over 550 aircraft. Some other relevant

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