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Case Study: Southwest Airline Southwest Airline started its operation at Texas intrastate market in 1971 with an image as “underdog” in the eyes of both employees and the Texas public. In its early marketing (1970s), Southwest retained the short-haul, high-frequency, low-cost, “Luv” strategy, which let it won the official “triple crown” of the airline industry 12 times by mid-1993 (see Exhibit 1). Question 1: What are some of the ways in which Southwest is different than other commercial airlines? Southwest Airline achieved its remarkable success and differentiated itself from other commercial airlines by many unique ways. * Service:Southwest Airline added “Family Fun” that includes playing games with passengers and hiring people who are fun that can translate to friendly into its customer service and employment, which makes passengers and employees like a big family. This service let passengers feel comfortable to choose SW and attract more people to join SW family. * Operations:Southwest insisted flew only Boeing 737 jets to support its short-haul andreduce jets maintenance costs. It also only operates a point-to-point route system to eliminate the need for connection and reduce the travel time. Moreover, Southwest flew into uncongested airports of small cities or smaller, less congested airports of large cities and didn’t transfer baggage directly to other airlines in order to keep fewest delays and fewest mishandled bags. In additional, the airline only serve drinks and snacks, most often peanuts on board and did all of its own ticketing (only 55% of seats are booked through a travel agent) to achieve low service costs. Its “turn” time is also much fewer than average time in the industry to achieve the minimum departure number and keep high frequency. * Marketing:Besides emphasizing price, convenience and service, Southwest also run a series of

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