Southwast Airline Essay

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1. What resources will be required to facilitate the change? Financial Resources- Some financial resources that Southwest can utilize may be to pay dividends on their stocks in order to attract investors. With more investors, they could expand their service to more cities, and even upgrade their fleet of planes with more modern technology such as Wi-Fi or televisions. They could also add newer, more efficient planes to their fleet, which reduce long term costs one fuel and maintenance. Southwest could even decrease ticket prices, while adding another fee or increasing the baggage fee just to attract more customers. Acquisitions are also another great way to make the company more money. Human Resources- Southwest has the highest percent of full-time employees in the airline industry. Something human resources and Southwest can do as a company is transition to more part-time employees. By hiring part time employees, the company can choose whether or not they offer benefit packages to these employees, thus saving money. Another thing human resources can do is promote risk management and safety, which can decrease the number of lawsuits or accidents in-turn making the company more profitable. Also, the company can also looking into restructuring the entire work force. Layoffs may be possible and or the reduction of salaries, to continue to keep the company profitable. Creation of New Hubs- The creation of new hubs would lead to increased costs/spending in the short term due to labor and expansion costs, but in the long by offering more flights and options, they attract more customers which lead to increased revenues. The construction costs can be written off on their taxes also. Creative Thinking- Creative thinking is a great way to increase sales and have more exposure for the airline. Maybe Southwest as a company can come up with a way to

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