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Seaweed Lab – Summary Our focus questions for this lab are the following, How can I make a pharmaceutical product from seaweed and can a single substance be isolated from a mixture, what is this substance? The chemicals used in this experiment to help us answer these questions are: Iodine crystals, tincture of iodine from a pharmacy and Laminaria or seaweed. The objective is to make a tincture of iodine. Iodide will be added to iodine, and a Bunsen burner will be used to heat and filter the solution. The seaweed will be cut and weighed (6 grams) and transferred into 150 mL solution. Using 40 mL of distilled water the seaweed is heated just under boiling for five minutes. After cooling, a filter will be used to remove the seaweed from the extract. The goal is to transfer 2-3 mL of filtrate into the evaporating dish. We now slowly pour the solution into a funnel with filter paper. The extract along with 2 pieces of Iodine are added to a new beaker and left for 10 minutes. Finally to determine if the lab was successful, three tests are conducted for Iodine, Iodide and triiodide. The objective is to produce a tincture of iodine by extracting iodide and other components from seaweed. Warm up Activity 1. The coffee beans would begin to disintegrate. The beans become smaller, the flavor and color from the beans will fill the water. Essentially the water will run through the coffee beans and extract its properties 2. The same thing will happen to the dry strips of seaweed. Breaking down the properties of the seaweed to be extracted into the water. 3. Decant- gradually pour (liquid or solution) from one container to another with out disruption. 4. Filtrate- liquid that passes through a filter. 5. Precipitate- cause of a substance to be deposited in solid form from a solution. 6. Extract- remove or take out by effort or force. 7.

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