Southernization Essay

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1. How did the Arabs help with Southernization? 2. How was China "southernated"? 3. What ideas/technologies did Southern Asia invent? In Lynda Shaffer's essay Southernization she explains how India influenced the rest of the world. India and other parts of Southern Asia, devolped basic everyday ideas and technologies. Groups whom traded with many other cultures then brought these ideas to other coutnries. For example, many Indian crops were spread to middle eastern countries by the Arabs. India was advanced in many ways. They had early medicine, mathematics, astronomy, the game of chess, bronze and iron metallurgy, philosophy and literature. They also excelled in agriculture. Most societies looked to India for help in medical and mathematical situations. In the area of textiles and cotton supplying India was highly skilled. They have the oldest strand of cotton cultivation. By the second millennium B.C.E. they were dyeing the cloth. In ancient times India pretty much clothed the world. They were only beaten by England during the industrial revolution. In ancient India they devolped early medicine. They had knowledge of the circulatory system, leprocy, obesity, hypertension and diabetes. They could also perform advanced surgeries. Such as, cataract surgery to correct vision problems. They posessed herbs that cure common alements too. India was the medical superpower of the world at this time. Ancient India had astronomy also. They studied the stars and sky with great interest. They could caculate when eclipses were to happen. In the Vedas, the vernal equinox of Orion is decsribed. One early astronomer, Aryabhata, proposed a mathetmatical system that said Earth spun on an axis and orbited the sun (heliocentric). During the middle ages astronomers were convinced the universe was geocentric (everything revolved around the sun). So, Aryabhata's
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