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Frances Jackson Essay 1 Southern Traditions and Guamanian Traditions Throughout the years some Southern traditions have come to be part of our family. I come from the island of Guam located in the Pacific Ocean. My husband however is from the South, a small town called Dora, right here in Alabama. Southern tradition versus Guamanian traditions are very similar in many ways including the foods we eat, family gatherings and church events. We practice, share and teach our family and friends some of what we have learned and experienced throughout the years. In Alabama, the Southerners will gather for Sunday dinners, which may not be actual dinner but food eaten throughout the day. Usually my in-laws will go to church and come to Mom and Dad’s house. They will come as they are and eat, relax and enjoy each other’s company. In Guam however, we do Saturday barbeques. On this day all my aunts and uncles will come with their families to my grandma’s house. Everyone chips in and always comes with something in hand, like food or drinks. They will cook, clean, play sports and especially eat. The woman usually will be in the kitchen preparing the food and cleaning grandma’s house. The men usually will cut the grass, clean up outside and BBQ the meat. Meanwhile, all the kids will usually be outside playing sports, blowing bubbles, climbing up the tree house and running around enjoying themselves. Besides family, the food is the highlight of our traditions in Guam. When we say BBQ, we mean it. In Guam we not only cook the pig, we raise it, feed it, kill it and enjoy all its taste. We use every part of the pig, nothing is wasted. No hot dogs and hamburgers at our BBQ’s! We go all out when it comes to cooking different kinds of meat. The main meat is pork and consists of pig’s feet, pork ribs and pork belly. They will also have beef short ribs, rib bones, and lots of chicken

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