Southern Subculture Of Violence Analysis

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Marshall D. Grays GOVT 2302-1004 Gun Owners and the Southern Subculture of Violence: An Article Review Since the Ragan administrations of the late 1980’s, the question of gun control has been a big topic here in the United States. Many believe that the gun is the tool of the devil and no good can come of it. Others, such as myself believe that much like the hammer in a toolbox, there will be a need for a gun to protect those who you love and yourself: “hope and pray it’s never need” Here in the Southern half of the United States many of its inhabitants believe in the same principals as I do. Here in Texas, just in 2011 alone, there are 143,725 Texans that have permits to carry a canceled hand gun; it is estimated that there are over 51 million guns (TxDPS). The authors of Gun Ownership and the “Southern Subculture of Violence” present the reader with a view that is indicative to the title of the…show more content…
In Dixon and Lizotte’s(1987) “Gun Ownership and the “Southern Subculture of Violence”, the thesis is “we attempt to correct this deficiency in the research by ascertaining the relationships among
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