Southern Desperation By William Lloyd Garrison Analysis

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The document “Southern Desperation” was written in December of 1860, by William Lloyd Garrison, a white northern abolitionist author of many abolitionist papers and articles. Garrison wrote the document when many southern states were outraged by the election of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who many thought favored to abolish slavery. Abraham Lincoln’s election forced many Southern States to secede from the union although Lincoln never spoke against abolishing slavery. Many arguments between the North and South were over slavery, however the South argued mostly for state’s rights, opposing the institutionalized government that they felt was in favor of the north. Many in the South believed that they should control their own ways of living, and that…show more content…
The South’s threats to secede from the union often persuaded many people to rule in favor of the South. William Lloyd Garrison wrote this document in order to persuade people to believe that the South was not justified in any way, shape or form since they are immoral for having slaves. Garrison makes it certain that people in the North must not give in to the South because they will destroy themselves from within anyway. Garrison uses imagery to emphasize the fact they will not survive on their own when he asks “will they conflagrate their own dwellings, cut their own throats, and enable their slaves to rise in successful insurrection?” These questions proposed by Garrison are important because it shows that without the government of the United States, they will run into several problems. Using the words “cut” and “throat” create a strong picture that sticks with the reader, proposing that they have a weak government, one that is unable to quell a rebellion, tearing the
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