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Southern Care Hospital Michele Page Project Development-1 My paper will explain all the steps that you would have to take to deal with the Southern Care Hospital improvements that will be developed and improved by myself. I would execute my roles as a product manager would be to get with the nuclear medicine department to figure out why their turnaround time is so hard for them and the problems they are having not being able to get the stress test results out faster. The next step is to pick the most reliable and educated employee’s that will be able to make their deadlines and work harder than the others. The next step would be to see which employees are getting too high of an income for such little education history. Then I would get the company working more efficiently for the amount of time that is spent on the project and when it must be completed. I would manage the tradeoffs by figuring out the budgeting, scheduling, what resources that would be needed and allocated to the job. I would have to learn to take control of the situations that arise. I would have to make the client aware of the options that they have available to them as in if the cost of the project is the issue more than time it take to finish the project then the project will be late and will not incur any added cost, but if the client is willing to give more time it will be successfully completed and may save the client more time and cost. I would like to keep the company by not trading off but will have to sacrifice by adding extra resource costs for delivery. I would make my project a functional project because it will cut back on the cost of the project and the number of employees would be cut back to save money that can be used more toward the project if it incurs over the resources that are necessary it would not cost the company extra to ensure the delivery. This will also give

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