Southern Belle Or Necrophilliac? Essay

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Southern Belle or Necrophiliac? Emily Grierson of Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily is a southern gentlewoman that is unable to understand how much the world is changing around her. Emily’s unwillingness to accept change and modernization stems from her relationship with her father. Coming from one of the town’s most powerful families, Emily is believed to be better than everyone else. While most of the town changes, Emily does not. By having a man in her life, Emily finds happiness. Being isolated and unwilling to accept change is what ultimately drives Emily to madness. Emily’s decision to pretend to be better than the other townspeople is partly the reason that no one actually realized Homer never left her house. Her actions are unwise to say the least. The choices Emily makes after her father dies shows that she had a troubled life. Emily’s father turns away every suitor that comes to date Emily because he thought no one was good enough for her. Having an overprotective and overbearing father has a direct influence on the remainder of Emily’s life. Not being allowed to date causes Emily to feel isolated and not grow into the woman that she yearns to be. By isolating Emily, “he set her up for a way of lift that was impossible for her to escape until her death.” ( Clinging to her father after his death, Emily refuses to acknowledge that he is deceased for three days. One would believe this is why Emily became a recluse in her own home. Emily’s unwillingness to accept change is evident as she refuses to pay taxes when the aldermen request payment. Emily’s town and the townspeople accepted change and modernization. However, Emily did not. Emily was unable to understand how the world has changed around her. By living such a secluded and controlled life, it set Emily up for the happenings of her future. When Emily’s father passes away, she

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