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The Cover Sheet to the Confidence Report South Street Seaweed Seaport Tabulated test Results Name of Test Requirements Result Test for Iodine If the mineral oil turns a shade of purple (either dark, or light such as pink), then the Tincture is positive for iodine. The solution became light lavender/pink. This shows that the tincture is positive for iodine. Test for Iodide ion A few things can happen: 1) A white precipitate only, indicating chloride ion is present predominantly (Na Cl in salt water). 2) A yellow precipitate only, indicating iodide ion is present predominantly. 3) A white-yellowish precipitate, indicating chloride and iodide ions are present predominately. The solution became a white-yellowish precipitate. This shows that chloride and iodide is present. Test for Triiodide ion Triiodide is present if your tincture is a shade of orange or red-brown. The solution became an orange-red color which indicates that there is a good amount of triiodide ion present. Standards Test Positive Positive (contains Iodine) Positive Positive (contains Iodide and Chloride) Positive Positive (contains Triiodide) Focus Questions 1. How can I make a Pharmaceutical Product from Seaweed? First of all, a pharmaceutical product can be made from seaweed by heating seaweed in water. This causes the product to be extracted from the seaweed. After that, filtration is needed to extract the seaweed from the water. Finally, by evaporating the product can be extracted from the water. 2. Can a Single Substance be isolated from a Mixture (i.e. Seaweed)? What is this substance? A Single Substance can be isolated from a Mixture. The substance is tincture of iodide, used to clean and infect wounds. To be able to isolate we used filtration, evaporation and extraction. Confidence Report In the South Street Seaweed Seaport Lab, I am confident in the Tincture of

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