South Korea - Economic Development Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Assignment written by: ------------------------------------------------- Petar Dimitrov & Shanice Tan ------------------------------------------------- Minor Business in Asia (Socio-cultural environment) given by Mr. Sharma International Business and Management Studies Year 3 ------------------------------------------------- I hereby certify that I am the author of this document/paper. All the sources that I have used have been fully acknowledged and disclosed. Any data, ideas or words from other authors have been duly referenced. Name: Petar Dimitrov Signature: Student number: 10027246 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Name: Shanice Celsa Tan Signature: Student number: 09012923 Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------- Introduction 4 Articles 5 Mind-map 5 Economic Development and Authoritarianism 7 A Case Study on the Korean Developmental State 7 Key Learning Objectives 7 Key Discussion Questions and Answers 7 Key Terminologies 8 From Player to Referee? The State and the South Korean Economy 9 Key Learning Objectives 9 Key Discussion Questions and Answers 9 Key Terminologies 10 Documentaries 11 The dynamic development of Korean democracy 11 Case Questions 11 A nation to watch 13 Case Questions 13 Conclusion 15 ------------------------------------------------- Introduction SOUTH-KOREA (Republic of Korea) is located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. The country has China as a neighbour in the west, Japan in the east and North-Korea in the North. The capital and the largest city of the country is Seoul with around 9.8 inhabitants. In total South-Korea has a population of about 50 million inhabitants. It’s a presidential
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