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South Korea Culture Awareness Essay

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Culture Awareness

As we studying International marketing, no one will question about why business should globalized. In order to successes in trading with foreign country, understands culture environment is important. However, culture is unique and will change over time. The best way to deeply understand foreign culture is living, studying and traveling the place. Yet, those opinions are little pricy and take time. The United States is a diversity country; almost each class has at least one or more international student in school. In convenience, interview with foreign student can receive information in first hand. Interviewee, Yongmuk Lim is from South Korea, who has been to the U.S. for two years. Interviewer is from Hong Kong, has been to Utah since 2008.   The following content will identify culture similarities and differences in both countries.
First discuss about South Korea, the official name is Republic of Korea. Speaking Korean is the only language; but it has several dialects as standard one is used in the capital city, Seoul, and other cities are used somewhat different. Still, Korean don’t have problem in understanding. A common language and culture are viewed as Korean identity. The population is fifty-eight million. North and South Korea were divided in 1948, yet it brings a long influence to every Korean. After the war, South Korea has become a democratic state. The stage of involvement defines as International marketing, focusing on electronics industry. South Korean is a few countries that was able to avoid a recession in recent global economy crisis. On the other hands, Hong Kong was a colony of the British nearly 100 years, then returned to China in 1997.Yet, it has independent judiciary functions and a different political system from China. Because of the background, the spoken language is Cantonese, English and Mandarin. The population is seven million. From the textbook material, Hong Kong defines as global marketing in...

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