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South Korea and Dole Essay

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  • on November 26, 2012
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IBS 101 29616
16 September 2012
Dole in South Korea
“We risked our lives for a South Korean dream. But many of us feel like boat people even if we are in the South. I sometimes ask myself a dangerous question. If a war breaks out, should I fight South Koreans or should I shoot at my relatives in the North?” A quote by Ri Kyong, which illustrates one of the main dilemmas in Korea, the war between North and South. From the beginning South Korea has been known to be founded on a legend by the mythical king Tangun in BC 2333.King Tangun embodies the spirit and self-sufficiency valued by Korean people. Throughout the years South Korea has dealt with numerous invasions for what is known in the 2000 years of recorded history. During the 19th century South Korea was named the “hermit kingdom” due to the antipathies to foreign influence. They were capable to maintain their own spirit.
Up until the 19th century South Korea was powered and had a domestic posture controlled by China. Later, the 25 years that came after was a period of colonial rule where Japan took over. This led to restrictions later on to due to the resentment they had towards Japan. The elders especially hold grudges towards Japan. However, in the 1990’s import restrictions were lifted, which allowed the younger generations to emerge into the pop culture that Japanese.
Furthermore, the country got entangled in foreign rivalries due to World War II. The 38th parallel marked not only the division of the peninsula but as well the beginning of Soviet and U.S. trusteeship over the North and South. On June 25, 1950, an invasion of South Korea occurred due to the forces of North Korea and the leadership of 16-member coalition of the U.S. which was the first collective action under the command of the United Nations. Later that year China entered on behalf of North Korea which became a statement that ensued for the final two years of conflict. Finally on July 1951 Armistice negotiations begin to be made and...

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