South East History Essay

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History of Economic Development in the Philippine and Indonesia I was born in South Korea and my country is racially homogeneous nation. Very ironically a lot of Korean insists about human equality between Asian and White. However High portion of Korean look down on Southeast Asian people. This is because mainly they are poorer than us. According to Korean Statistical Information Service, in 2012 about 1,114,000 of foreign labor came to South Korea for working. But the interesting fact is among 1,114,000 people 99.8% is Non-professional employment. In other words, most of them came from Southeast Asia countries. This is because, after Korea have good enough economy situation, not enough people want to work for difficulty, dirty, and dangerous job. That is why Korea brings people from outside to fill empty space. Foreign workers work hard and save most of money to send to their family left in their own country. I had a chance to talk with worker from the Philippine. His name is Marius and he worked in factory making furniture. After short conversation I found that I never expected. He graduated university with English major in Philippines and also high portion of other foreign workers finished university in their own country. A lot of people are elite in their own country although they had very bad treatment in other country like South Korea. Since after that day, I had big question why these people are poor and came to other country to make money even though they had highly good enough education. People are willing to pay a lot of money for high level of education to have good payment with stable life after graduate. Those of people’s choice from Southeast Asia countries with high level of education made me confused. Moreover, most of Southeast Asia country has much bigger territory than Korea (Philippines ,300000 km², is 3.01 times as big as South Korea, 99678

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