South Delaware Coors Case Analysis

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South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Study I. Executive summary Currently, there is an opportunity to own a Coors distributorship in the South Delaware area. There are currently no distributorships in this area. The Coors brand name is a well-known, high quality, brand. There are current retailors that have shown interest in carrying the product, which represents a demand for the product. Larry Brownlow is interested in applying for the distributorship. He is currently a full time graduate student in an M.B.A. program. Due to his studies, Larry does not have the time necessary to conduct the appropriate research in order to make the decision of whether or not to apply for the business. He has contacted Manson and Associates, a research firm, to obtain an estimate to perform the research for him. The cost of all of the research that Larry would like performed exceeds the funds he has, so he must make a decision as to which parts of the research plan are most important in aiding his decision. With the research that is performed, he then must make the ultimate decision, whether to apply for the distributorship or not. II. Situational analysis A. Environment 1. Economic conditions and trends i. Limited funds are available for research purposes. Larry has $15,000 available for research purposes and $500,000 available for investment. 2. Cultural and social values and trends i. Coors has a high quality product with a strong brand name, it is very well known to the public. i. It is important to determine, through research, the population of the area that consumes beer products. 3. Political and legal issues i. Legal issues that may arise are racial discrimination lawsuits in the area of employment, especially since Coors is perceived by the public as insensitive to minority issues in the area of employment in particular. i. The sale

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