South Carolina Versus New Jersey Essay

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South Carolina versus New Jersey… My husband’s employer offered him a position as a mechanical engineer and pro-manager position at his South Carolina electrical company. My husband believes that by accepting this position and moving from New Jersey to South Carolina will give him the opportunity to obtain a superior job position, with excellent benefits, and a better way of living. For this purpose, he believes that moving to South Carolina will provide him a career growth, in which he will gain all the experience needed to have a better work performance. Thus, he will be able to demonstrate all his work capacity. Also, all the new ideas he will be bringing for the well-functioning of his place of employment and coworkers. As well, to gain the opportunities he has been waiting for long. Even more, he will be enjoying the excellent benefits this moving will provide to him since he will be living in a state with a clean environment with less pollution that will provide him the benefits to decrease his chances of getting his asthma flare ups from it. In the other hand, by living in the clean air environment that the south region will be providing since the areas are less populated, and with more open spaces, he will have an increment on his chances on do not develop many asthma attacks during the year, most especially during the winter months. Another good reason to move is the living space; he will be enjoying the benefits of an open space with less crowded towns in which the houses are most spacious providing all the amenities needed that he will have at his new place. For this reason, he is very enthusiastic about having a bigger home, place where he will have his own music room, and then be able to play his guitar as long as he wants, without being in the middle of the living room feeling uncomfortable that people is passing by while he is playing his

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