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“North And South” Series Resume Mohaddaseh Maktabifard 1306399090 “City and Power” Arch. PI 2013 - FTUI 12.Feb. 2015 By: Elizabeth Gaskell, Victorian Novel- 1855, Directed By Brian Percival Abstract “North and South” is expanding a tangible social situation, which is born by immigration of Margaret Hale from southern state of Holston – Hampshire to a whole new world of Milton which is located in northern England. Margaret’s dad, Richard sets the whole story by his decision of not occupying as clergyman any more. The journey gets tight when the family tries to adapt themselves with the whole new community of Milton with its own specific life style, which is formed by different dependent factors and element such as: profession and career which casted the boundaries of the city’s behavior. Key words: alter, factors, career, life style, city’s boundary, space’s behavior. The story has been interpreted by Roberto Dainotto as "a kind of apocalyptic journey into the inferno of the changing times, modern poverty, rage, militant trade unionism and class antagonism" The role of architecture, Landscaping and Urban design within and between the contexts is more brilliant in the the destination. Having Holston at the first glance of the découpage on the one hand, while the shots get blurrier in Milton on the other hand, Improved the understanding of the relationship between environmental design and community based development authority. Until the 18th century, power in English society was truly in the hands of the aristocracy, by their sprawling landscapes of the south. The industrial revolution unsettled the centuries old class structure and shifted the power to manufacturers who mass-produced goods in the urban areas. One the one side towns such as Manchester, on which Gaskell modeled it as "Milton," were hastily constructed for workers who moved from the countryside to work

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