South America Change Over Time Essay

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South America has gone through various changes and continuities as the Spanish Empire began invading. Between 1450-1750 C.E., South America went through various changes including the start of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and the introduction of encomiendas, but stayed the same with tax and labor tribute and the government’s control over the economy. In South America, trade became more prominent as the Trans-Atlantic Trade was introduced. During the Incan empire, there was very little trade since their economy mainly focused on agriculture and mining. Sugar was also introduced into South America and new plantations sprung up. There was also a huge surplus of silver as Europeans mined the Minas Gerais. Similar events also happened in Europe as gunpowder…show more content…
During the Inca Empire, the main labor system was the Mita system, in which the Incas forced the people they conquered into labor. Their labor was mainly for buildings and bridges. Labor was also considered a way of tax. During the Spanish empire, encomiendas were introduced, which allowed Spanish colonists to force the Native Americans to pay tribute or do labor. The slave trade was also introduced. Similar events also happened in India as Europeans began invading their region and forced the Indians to do labor. The labor systems were changed mainly because the Europeans believed they were superior to the Native Americans and treated them like slaves (although they were never referred as slaves). One of the few things that remained the same was tribute as taxes were still imposed on people on the lower half of the social hierarchy. In the Incan empire, they also used the Mita system so that the citizens can pay tax through labor. The Spanish empire also did the same thing with the encomiendas. They also accepted Silver, crops, and food as forms of tribute. Similar events also happened in Russia as they were forced to pay tribute to the Mongols in order to avoid persecution. Tribute remained the same since both empires needed a source of income to maintain their

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