South Africa.. Our Nation Essay

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Student number: 57054398 Assignment 1 From the beginning of time, ,many fearless leaders, politicians and activists have envisioned a peaceful and harmonious society, and till today this “dream” is still wished upon by all who long for peace, justice and equality. Does all the above mentioned exist? The answer is left for you and I to discover. There is a vast difference between the law and outright justice, there are a few defining factors which determine the faint line between “what is the law” and “what defines justice” To me, Justice is like the ultimate goal for example achieving ultimate peace, equality for all and harmony amongst all cultures, genders and religions it is the “ultimate dream” we all long for, dream about and fight for daily. “the law” is a governing mechanism which has been in place for hundreds of years as a means to find “justice” throughout time the law has evolved but one factor remains which is the fight for justice. This present day law, our grasp on justice has changed. But have we really gotten closer to that ultimate “justice”? Or is it something that will always be just a little bit beyond our reach? These questions are ones which we will go our entire lives searching the answers to, but in my personal experience I have witnessed and embraced factors which have enabled me as an individual to sum up and define “justice” for myself. The law may not always be fair, due to all human beings having their individual points of view but personally, I see the law as “black and white” and it is what do with it that determines the course of the future. I for one have been granted an opportunity to witness the law direct the search for justice in the right direction and set motion a chain of events which has somewhat contributed to a harmonious and peaceful society in which I live. Being born a “born free” post 1994, I was

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