South Africa Battle Illegal Drugs Essay

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South Africa Battle Illegal Drugs “Crystal Meth Boom Adds to South Africa’s Health Challenges” by Clare Kapp is a real and true story of South African city of Cape Town. South African is known for its apartheids history and rich natural resources. However, for the past decade and half, after the apartheid, the country has been deviled with social vices and health challenges. With unsuccessful solution to these challenges South African now faced with daunting escalating high drug gangsters operations. Operations of gangsters high jack cities and terrorize communities and it seems that, there is no law and order in that city. This is an evident of the fact that, Naeelah Scott is insecure living Mitchells Plains. According to Naeelah, drugs usage has turned her community into a living hall. The extent of this lawlessness is that, kids are at risk in their own neighborhood. They cannot go out for the fear of been exposed to illegal drugs or forced into drugs. Also the escalation of drugs gangsters operations have resulted to violent crime, petty theft, prostitution, domestic abuse and sometimes armed robbery. Rumor had is that; the Reggae star Lucky Dube’s, car was high jacked and his death was motivated by drugs gangsters. All this violence is forms of tragic societal loss associated with illegal drugs, notwithstanding the physiological and psychological loss of the individual, it has further consequence on nation. It has been confirmed that since the year 2002 the use of drugs such as methamphetamine is on the ascendancy of 1% to 90% since the year 2002. A researcher at the Medical Research Council MRC confirmed that Cape Town is the highest drug addiction city in the world; the usage of methamphetamine is in its highest proportions as compared to the rest of the world. The senior scientist at MRC confirmed that leaderships are perplexed because they have
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