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I have been involved in music nearly my entire life, in fact, my parents always joke with me that I was playing my grandparents hunting horn before I could talk. But it wasn’t until third grade that I started to regularly play the trumpet. It was something that I enjoyed greatly, but there always seemed to be something missing. It was my freshman year of high school when I discovered the direction I truly wanted to take myself along my music pathway. That was when I developed my passion for the marching tuba (sousaphone). I was attending the University of Delaware’s Band Day when I witnessed my inspiration for my passion of the sousaphone. Originally I stereotyped the sousaphone as a loud bulky instrument that seemed to lack grace. That all changed when I watched the University of Delaware’s Sousaphone Section. I arrived at the practice field late in the morning and while I was unloading my trumpet I heard laughing and cheering coming from down the field. I saw a large group of students enjoying themselves surrounded by neatly placed sousaphones that seemed to create a glow around them. It was the University of Delaware’s Sousaphones that caught my attention, and they were able to hold it for the rest of the day. That entire day I watched as the Sousaphones played their jolly tunes and danced around the field. Even at the end of the day, all the sousaphone players seemed to have as much energy as they did in the beginning. My idea of a sousaphone was completely revamped, now the instrument filled me with inspiration. It was from that moment on that I decided that I wanted to be among the great ranks of the proud Sousaphone players. To my dismay, I wasn’t able to start marching with the sousaphone until my junior year in high school. Even though I couldn’t march or perform with the sousaphone, I was determined to learn the instrument. Every day after school I

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