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Title: Science debunks U.N. global warming scare. Authors: Singer, S. Fred Source: Human Events; 12/23/94, Vol. 50 Issue 49, p9, 3/4p, 1 graph Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *GREENHOUSE effect, Atmospheric -- Prevention *DATABASES Abstract: Reports on the fact that activities to limit the greenhouse effect including the Global Climate Treaty are based on climate model calculations rather than on actual climate data. Information about global warming; Discrepancy between model calculations and climate data; Variations in different estimates. Full Text Word Count: 810 ISSN: 00187194 Accession Number: 9504111559 Persistent link to this record (Permalink): Cut and Paste: Science debunks U.N. global warming scare. Database: Academic Search Complete Climate Predictions Were Fudged SCIENCE DEBUNKS U.N. GLOBAL WARMING SCARE The Global Climate Treaty and all activities to limit the emission of greenhouse gases are driven by hyped fears of a global warming catastrophe that's based on climate model calculations, rather than on actual climate data. By now, thanks to generous spending of taxpayers' funds, a widespread constituency has been created in support of policies to overcome this phantom threat, consisting mostly of international conferenceers: U.N. bureaucrats, assorted politicians, environmental activists, and some compliant scientists. (By the way, the research budget for "global change" is now at the $1.8-billion level in the United States; the global total is of course much higher, particularly when non-research activities are added.) But just how trustworthy are the calculations of a major global warming? A 1990 Policymakers Summary by the

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