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Sources of Motivation Essay

  • Submitted by: alvertha
  • on June 18, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Sources of Motivation
Alvertha Simpson
University of Phoenix

Sources of Motivation

Arthur Schopenhaur defined motivation as to be moved in action.   This says that there has to be something, someone, or some type of drive that propels into actions (Deckers, 2010.)
Motivation is the energy within us that push us toward completing a goal or action.   I always say that if a person does not have motivation, they would have   problems with performing a certain action or goal that they set for themselves.   Our everyday lives is based on motivation and our "drive" to go to work, drive to school, cook, clean, put gas in the car, etc.   All of these things take some type of motivation to happen, otherwise we would feel that there is no reason to do them.
There are several sources of motivation.   Internal sources determine what will be motivation to a person biological attributes and psychological dispositions.   This source refers to biological and psychological variables.   Biological variables talks about the material characteristics of the body and brain that acts to motivate behavior.   Hunger would be a great example of this.   It shows that as biological indicators increase in hunger, you will see a increase in motivation for preparing, eating and acquiring food (Deckers, 2010).   Psychological variables relate to motives and are studied indirectly through measurable indicators.   One of the examples for this would be the "need to belong."   Another source of motivation would be External-environment sources.   This shows that incentives and goals that have the ability to attract or repel as environmental characteristics.   McComb (1996) stated that "External conditions that support these internal conditions include; provisions for relevancy, choice, control, challenge, responsibility, competence, personal connection, fun, and support from others in the form of caring, respect and guidance in skill...

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