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Sources Of Ancient And Medieval Indian History. Essay

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  • on March 14, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Sources Of Ancient And Medieval Indian History." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Sources of Ancient
          Medieval Indian History

  Sources of Ancient Indian History

                        The history of ancient India is based on a confused mass of information. The available sources of the history of this period are so meagre that they do not project before us a clear picture of ancient India. The patches of information have with the passage of time got involved with contemporary local events and traditions. The existence of various calendars also makes it difficult to ascertain the date of a particular event.
                              The sources of ancient Indian history are mainly divided into two parts:
  (1) Archaeological Sources
  (2) Literary Sources

        The sources can be indigenous or foreign.

  (1) Archaeological Sources : SUMMARY:

                                          The ancient Indians left hundreds of archaeological remains.   The science which enables us to dig the old mounds in a systematic manner, in successive layers, and to ‘form an idea of the material life of the people’ is called
ARCHAEOLOGY. The history of climate and vegetation is known through examinations of plant residues, and especially through pollen analysis. Thus on this basis it is suggested that agriculture was practised in Rajasthan and Kashmir around 7000-6000 B.C. The nature and components of metal artefacts are analysed scientifically, and as a result the sources from where metals were obtained are located and the stages in the development of metal technology are identified. An examination of animal bones shows whether the animals were domesticated, and also indicates the uses to which they were put.

                                          The city of Sirkap, today in north-western Pakistan near Taxila, was built according to the "Hippodamian" grid-plan characteristic of Greek cities, and was a Hellenistic fortress of considerable proportions, with a 6,000 meter wall on the...

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