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Annotated Bibliography Bouffard, Alexander. "The Lewis Review." Bullet Ant Gloves. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Sep 2012. <>. This article is a secondary source which discusses the pain of a bullet ant sting according to the Schmidt Sting Pain Index,initiation preparation and the entire process, the different perspectives on what manhood is, and the aftermath of this ritual on not only the boy but the entire community. The Satere-Mawe Tribe is a tribe in the Amazon of Brazil. This tribe has a ritual that they perform, or rite of passage, for young boys to enter into manhood. This initiation ritual consists of young boys placing their hands into mittens and/or gloves filled with hundreds of bullet ants. These ant bites are known to be thirty times more painful than being stung by a wasp and according to the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, is the most excruciating sting known to man. The elders will gather the ants and then submerge them into a solution that temporarily sedates them. It it only during this opportunity that the ants are able to be woven into the mittens with the stinger side first into gloves women from leaves. This makes the ants very agitated and when they wake up the elders will then place the glove onto the young boy's hands for ten minutes while they perform a tribal dance. The ant stings prevent the body from protecting itself from pain which forces the the body to convulse which the pain can last up to twenty four hours.The pain of the stings continue to increase and the hands of the young boy become paralyzed completely. If the boy is to complete this initiation, he must not cry out in pain. Once completed, the boys are now men, and throughout their life will continue to complete this ritual many times to prove their manhood. It is only after the completion of this initiation that the young man

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