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From source A we can infer that the aim of the Beveridge report was to make sure that every man has been secured efficiently financially "enough money to meet the essential needs". Source A also suggests that the Beveridge report is split into “three parts” to ensure social security for each aspect of society “benefits...children...medical”. good 6/6 1) The message conveyed from the source is one that the children’s allowance proves to be very beneficial for the children. This is shown through the mother smiling and this idea is further reinforced as each of the children is dressed relatively well and they all seem relatively healthy. The purpose of this source is to raise the likeability of the Beveridge report, the children’s allowance is enforced by the Beveridge report and the purpose of the Beveridge image is to convey the positive aspects of the scheme and highlight the gratitude of the mother. The image allows the reader to reflect on how positive a thing the children’s allowance scheme is and the positive impacts it has on the family and helps them financially; putting them at ease. Need to include own knowledge in this question 6/8 2) Both sources b and e agree that the government must plan for after the war. Both sources make clear preparation is vital however source b states that while “every possible preparation” should be made for every aspect of society, the government should make “no promises” to the people whereas source e makes clear that for all those that fought in the war there should be complete social security as it is this promise that influenced their win. quote Source c also agrees with source e as they both make the promise that for all those that left for the war will be provided for when the war is over. Source c explains that a promise has been made to those involved

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