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How far di Sources X and Y challenge Source W about the effective supplying of the army? William Russell, in source W, writes about the food supplies to the army, and how the army were being sufficiently fed and that perhaps the food shortages suggestions were supposedly untrue. Its views definitely differ from those shown in sources Y and W where they people talk about the lack of supplies of both food, and clothing, which they blame mostly down to the weather conditions. Source Y, which is a letter home from a doctor at the Crimea says the last two weeks supplies have been unable to reach the army which he blames for the ‘bad weather’. Source Y comes from a journal written by an officer in the Heavy Brigade. It blames the lack of supplies…show more content…
It is similar to source Y in that its main message is to describe the conditions of the camps, as well as the lack of shelter and horrific weather. However it does disagree with source W, content wise as it says that in the last two weeks, hardly any supplies have reached the troops which they say is due to the weather. However it does not suggest any blame attached to the supply methods of those back home, and only to natural causes. As well as this source Y supports source X in the suggestion of disease spread, saying that all cooking was done outside, with the rain often putting the fire out. This alludes that disease spread as he food was unable to cook properly and therefore people may have caught disease from food poisoning. This supports source Y as it about the rapid growth of diseases with it saying there were “twenty two cases of sickness this morning”. With the amount of British troops already lacking in number, with this amount of sicknesses possibly happening daily, it would undoubtedly decrease the amount of firepower to the army which would prevent them from making any great strides in the war. However although sources X and Y both support each other, it can only be to an extent as they both talk about different causes which may mean that the two authors may have had different viewpoints and therefore may not agree completely. Both these sources, do however challenge source W a great deal as both counter argue, pretty much everything source W is saying and with sources X and Y both coming from people actually experiencing the conditions and having less of a reason to lie, you would have to say that they are more reliable sources than source W as it is more than likely that the newspaper article is more trying to ease the worry of those back home rather than telling the full truth of what is going on, partly maybe due to the ban on reporting any of the action which may also have
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