Soup Kitchen Essay

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One Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, I woke after hitting the snooze button several times. I remembered that I had signed up to volunteer at the Haven of Rest Soup Kitchen in Abbeville, S.C.As I Headed down to the soup kitchen, I was regretful that I had to wake up early on a Saturday morning. When I arrived there, the volunteers were preparing for the day. The soup kitchen volunteers were divided into groups. One group of volunteers was preparing the food while the other was setting up tables. In the morning, donuts and coffee were served. In the afternoon, hotdogs were served with an assortment of foods. I was told that the people who came to the soup kitchen were mainly people who were down on their luck and just wanted a free meal. I have to admit that coming from a middle class family, I was fairly well off and a little too sheltered. During my visit to soup kitchen, my view towards homeless people changed completely. Whenever I see homeless people on the streets, I used to think they were scary and dangerous. I hoped for a job that required minimum communication. To my surprise, my job was to carry food and serve refreshments and condiments in the soup kitchen. I was not familiar with their behavior or attitudes but I tried my best to be optimistic. Before people started arriving, I imagined bum, people who were too lazy to work. To my astonishment, the people were quite normal. None of them caused any violence or disturbance. They just came there to have a good meal and talk with their friends and family. Some of the people had small children and some even had shopping carts with their belongings. I could not imagine a person being able to sustain life with so few resources. I was happy to spend my time helping them with their needs. My whole mentality changed and I felt that I have learned an important thing. There are so many people in this
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