Sounds System Laboratory Essay

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Sounds System laboratory an essay on corporate communication Report on project team member’s behaviour at Sounds System Laboratory. Prepared by: Andina Management Consultants Senior Consultant: Francisco Javier Maluk S Date: February 4, 2007. ANDINA MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS REPORT Table of contents 1. Introduction pg 3 2. Definitions pg 3 3. Methodology pg 3 4. Findings pg 4 4.1 Problem Causes pg 4 4.2 Options for solving the problem pg 5 5. Recommendation, Conclusion and final words pg 6 6. Bibliography pg 8. 1 Introduction: This report has been specially prepared for Dr. Spoke of the Sound Systems Laboratory by our senior consultant Mr. Javier Maluk. The report explores serious competition problems among project team member’s that had derived in hard arguing and fighting inside the group. The report objective is to gather information so as to look for different options that could solve the problem and finally conclude on a solution. The competition among senior associates of the same project team is producing negative results such as duplication of activities and an obvious misalignment between the senior associate’s objectives and the company’s global objectives. Although Dr. Spoke’s knows already that Mr. Steiger is a brilliant Ph.D. and that Kurt Kalchek is loyal, reliable and extremely hard worker, he needs to know why these two associates can’t get along and collaborate in an appropriate teamwork. He also wants to know what management decision he and team’s head Mr. Mike Mayo should take so as to solve this particular problem and to avoid similar problems in the future.
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