Sound of Waves Essay

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Sound of Waves: Reflective Statement During the interactive oral, I was educated about Shinto, the prevailing religion in Japan. I was relatively astonished about how in the Sound of Waves Yukio Mishima was able to bring the religion in the perspective of the story. The environment has a foremost influence on the Japanese culture because it provides them with food, shelter, and merchandise. It is because of this that their religion of Shinto has beliefs that the gods or “kami” resides in the nature. This is mirrored in the book through the setting. For instance Uta-Jima is an island surrounded with sea, and mountains such as; Mt. Higashi, or Mt. Fuji. In addition, the shrine is located near flowers and trees which enhance the atmosphere of spirituality. Additionally, Uta-jima Island is isolated from Japan just as Japan is isolated from rest of Asia. Due to this people of Uta-jima are habitually depended on the sea for the resources. In the book, Shinji prays to Watatsumi-no-Mikoto, the sea god, for the calm seas. This is due to the fact that without sea to sustain them, they do not have much external resources for themselves. Furthermore, sea can bring peril to the vulnerable island. This is accentuated by the book when Shinji prays to the gods to keep her mother away from sea dangers. I feel that the religion provides them with protection. Furthermore when Shinji is parting for the sea, Hatsue promises to go to Yashiro Shrine to pray for his wellbeing. The importance of religion is through the small rituals such as; when Shinji gives money at the offertory chest or honors his father by visiting his grave every month. Lastly I think that the religion has shaped Shinji to some extent throughout the book. The Shinto has values that I think have shaped Shinji’s personality. I think that Shinji is polite because even though he know what Yasuo felt about
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