Sound Of Thunder Theme

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Analytical Essay A Sound of Thunder Have you ever wondered what would happen to the future if it was affected by everything that we do now in our everyday lives? What future generation’s lives would be like if that was to happen? What kind of place this world would be like to live in? After reading A Sound of Thunder you may find yourself asking these questions. A Sound of Thunder is a science fiction short story by Ray Bradbury. I’m going to be focusing on of the themes of this story, being how a small act can have big consequences. Bradbury’s work is full of childhood dreams, fantasies, nightmares and time travel. His fantasy stories are often warnings against blind faith in science, but they are positive. By giving strange twists…show more content…
In this story, I think Bradbury is commenting on how technology has been misused. The technology that has allowed these time travellers to take a trip with Time Safari shows materialism. For their own happiness, these rich people who have nothing else to do, adjust the course of human evolution and nearly destroy human life, when a hunter, Eckles’ runs off the path he was told he must not leave by the leader, he causes a chain reaction that changes history in devastating ways. Therefore, the theme that Bradbury is trying to express has to do with the Butterfly Effect, which is that a small slight action can have a big impact on future events for an entire generation. In conclusion I think Bradbury’s writing illustrates the theme of a small act resulting in big consequences. Bradbury achieves this through his use of Eckles’s experiences with the butterfly and then by leaving the path which the leader told him not to, demonstrating the Butterfly Effect at work. After reading A Sound of Thunder Bradbury might have you thinking about some different things that you may not have thought about before. Do you ever wonder what effect the things that you do in your everyday life could have in the future? How big the consequences could be for the environment and the Earth? That a insignificant action can have a big impact in the
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