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“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury In the story "A sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury, the main idea is how one little action like stepping on something as small as a butterfly in the past time could affect the people’s lives of their current time. And that is the lesson - that there is always an effect after an action. A person might not even realize - that such a minor action could cause great harm to civilization. I am interested in this story because I have always loved it. I have read lots of stories written by Ray Bradbury, and this one had always been my favorite. I chose this story because I have read it so many times that I practically memorized it. I have read this story in Russian too, and I say I liked reading it in English more because in Russian it is easier, and I like challenges and learning new words while reading. What I would like to learn about this story is whether it could have happened in real life if we had a time machine. And also, if such a small act in the past time like accidentally stepping on a butterfly, could cause such major changes in the present life of the people. I also would like to know at what point of his life Ray Bradbury wrote this story, in his early life or when he was older, and more experienced. I will gather the information on this story mostly from the Internet. And I will also use the actual story for any details or some examples from the story that might be necessary, and that I might not have remembered. For the secondary sources I will mostly use the “Pathways” textbook. And, of course I will use the Internet for the information about the author, his work, the genre, and the time of his life, and maybe an event that influenced him to write this story – something that made him thinking about the effects of some actions that might look insignificant, and turn out to cause a great deal of trouble. In this

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