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1. Starting position Background knowledge of our field trip to the State theatre Salzburg On April 7th our class went to the state theatre in Salzburg, in order to gather an insight into the location frame of the musical Sound of Music. Moreover, we were introduced to the artistic director: Carl Philip von Maldeghem, who presented himself and his history, as well as his professional ideas and previsions for the performance of the Sound of Music Musical. Mr. Maldeghem has been working at the theatre since 2009 and offers an impressive amount of background knowledge and experience. One of his achievements was to increase visitor number from 50.000 to 230.000 between 2002 and 2006. (Information found in article: „Carl Philip von Maldeghem ist der neue Landestheater – Intendant“ in Mr. Maldeghem’s slogan is: “Die ganze Stadt ist eine Bühne!”/ The whole city is a stage. We were able to receive an insight about the Sound of Music Musical shown on stage starting Oct. 2011. Several important facts he stressed were the cast of the actors and the importance of the artistic talent the actors should bring along, in order to be able to offer an authentic performance and make the music touch the audience’s heart. He also told us about the costumes which will be used for the play, being specifically made Dirndl from a local Salzburg company. This introduced his general objective to attract local Austrian spectators and make the production a true image of Austria life, by including the local character. Another interesting topic was the language of the musical. Contrary to popular opinion, the play will be performed in German. Subtitles in English and Japanese or Chinese will be offered. However, the language specifications were not yet 100% established. Many children were casted, a total of 3 sets of 6 children to sing and act. The artistic director

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