Sound of Escapism Essay

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Claire Anderson 7/5/14 The Sound of Escapism Many today would describe music as being exceedingly innovative, however, its broad and diverse interpretation has always remained constant. Whether it is a single song that obtains a thousand memories or a subtle beat that generates uncanny-like dance moves, music affects people in infinite ways. Music festivals today grant a great deal of freedom for those to enjoy the many types of music that they love. Contradictory to the vastly growing amount of new and improved festivals, the industry can also be ironically described as a ‘dying’ field. Today’s “festival go-ers” chose to use these experiences as a way to find themselves in the music and freedom. Dispiritingly for the companies themselves, who pour millions into sponsorship, it looks as if some of this could be going down the drain. It seems that people have lost the sense of it being a branded event. It surprises me the way people talk about why they chose to go in the first place; festivals are a way to help epople to cope with their increasingly dull and stressful lives. There is a sense of release in being able to drift aimlessly and not feel guilty while inside the protected "world" of the festival site. Some try to "disappear" into a festival and would purposely leave their mobile phones at home. Festivals provide an escape for young people who feel grounded down by the competitive nature of finding work that is not enriching. The constant pressure to achieve and the sense people get from society that it is considered personal failure if they didn't manage to make the grade – financially, socially and on the career ladder. It’s summertime and music festivals are in full bloom. Not only do music festivals have an economic impact on the local business community, they also leave people with a more positive outlook on life. Positive vibes flow freely and
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