Sound and the Fury Essay

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Michelle Veliz Period 1 English Honors Promiscuity Predicting the Future During the old south, many southern family members had traditions and morals they had to follow in order to continue the legacy of the family name. Women were seen as these ideal individuals who were supposed to have a big form of self-respect and decency. On the other hand, men were on top of the social hierarchy, being the head of the household and trying to stabilize their middle class families. Since women were mostly judged upon by their actions and didn't meet the family standards, they were rejected. William Falkner presents this type of case in his novel The Sound and Fury, by demonstrating how one of the main characters Caddy Compson whose behavior worsens through out the course of time. Overall, Caddy’s childhood characteristics led her to become a lonesome promiscuous woman modifying the ideal woman she was supposed to be along with creating burdens upon the Compson name. As a young child, Caddy Compson was rebellious and didn't let others tell her what to do. In one particular scene of the book, Caddy was playing in the bank with her brothers and her brother’s caregiver Versh. While playing “Caddy squatted down and got her dress wet” (17). Versh notices her dress and quickly tells her “ your mommer going to whip you “ (17) Instead of finding ways to fix the problem, she simply leaves the problem alone. She was not afraid of the consequences since she was “only seven years old”(17), nobody was able to take the power she had over her own small delicate life. After realizing her dress was actually wet, she told Versh a boy to unbutton it even though her Quentin told him “don't you do it” (18). Ignoring her old brother’s request Versh still unbuttons it, showing she “didn't have anything on but her bodice and drawers”

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