Sound and Gury Essay

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Sound and Fury This report is about a child by the name of Heather. She wants to get a cochlear implant but her parents want to get information first on advantages and disadvantages of getting one. Heather and her parents are deaf. The father, Peter, doesn’t like the idea of getting a cochlear implant but is willing to get information. On the other hand, Heather’s mom is intrigued on the idea of Heather getting a cochlear implant and might be also interested in getting one as well for herself. One person that is pushing hard for Heather to get one is the grandmother (Peter’s mother). Peter’s mom tries to convince Peter and his wife on Heather getting a cochlear implant but it’s a struggle between both of them. The reason Heather wants a cochlear implant is because she wants to hear things and talk to her peers at school. Peter is prejudice on Heather getting one. He likes to be deaf and would never change it for the world. He thinks Heather will not belong to the hearing world or deaf world. He thinks sign language is so visual and a person can communicate well. Peter’s brother is a hearing person. He and his wife just had twins but one of them is deaf. Peter’s brother is devastated of the news. Peter’s brother and sister-n-law were told it is better to get a cochlear implant at a very young age by Dr. Pat Chute, a deaf coordinator. Peter and his wife decided to go to a school of children with cochlear implants and see first hand how it looks. They can see how Heather struggles to communicate with the children. They also go to a couple of different families which children have cochlear implants. The children say they like it because they can hear. The children do struggle in talking. Peter’s wife in talking to Dr. Pat Chute realizes it’s hard for Peter’s wife with cochlear implant because it’s better when you’re young. Peter’s sister in law’s parents are

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