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Library Programme Resource Team Akshara Foundation Bangalore Activity : Shabda Taranga Book Details Title: Drip Drop Drip Author: Amar Goswami Illustrator: Partho Sengupta Publisher: Pratham Books Book Level: GROWBY Description: This is a story about how an Ant recognizes a peculiar sound that caused the entire forest to be in fear. MLLs Linked to: Identifying the Sense Organs - Class 3 Gaining Information through Activities like Story telling, Drama, & Drawing - Class 1. Understanding that Human Body is made up of different Organs and Oran Systems – Class 5 Activity • The Librarian shows the book Drip-Drop-Drip to the class and asks the children the following: the title of the book, who wrote it and who illustrated it. • Then he/ she reads up to the end of Page 5. (“What is this sound…?”) • At this point the Librarian asks the children two questions: o How do we hear sound? Which organ helps us to hear? (Ear) o How is sound recognized by humans? (Sound related information is sent from the Ear to the Brain. The Brain helps us recognize the sound) • The Librarian groups the children to form several shapes: the shape of an ear; another group forms the “human brain”. Some children will form a “human hand”. Some children will be made to stand in curved lines simulating nerves connecting the ear and the brain; a second chain of children leads from the “brain” to the group forming the “hand”. The shapes needed can be drawn on the floor using chalk lines. • Some children will be on the side, they will generate sounds by clapping their hands once when asked to do so by the Librarian. • The sound is “transmitted” to an “outer ear child” (identified before hand). This first ear child whispers the name of the child who made the sound to the child next in the sequence and so on • Until the whispered name has traveled along the “ear” and the

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