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Sound is essential to our world for many reasons. Sound can be used to communicate in various ways such as mores code or simply talking. The sound of music fills the world with different instruments and voices around the world. Certain music has the ability to change someone’s emotion by making him or her sad or even more confidant. There are certain sounds that may cause stress such as a barking dog during the night. Every sound can be labeled into a four main categories. The four categories, physiological, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral all impact a person in a variety of ways. Looking more in depth with sound I will see how sounds of each category affect me. Sounds that are physiological have an affect on the human body. With deep thought I have noticed these physiological sounds and how they affect me. Part of being an athlete, listening to fast up beat rock music is perfect before an event. When listening to this music before a swim race my body reacts instantly. I become very jumpy as my heart rate increases. My nerves wont let me sit still because the music feels like it is inside of me. At the moment the race is ready to begin I stand on the diving block as my muscles tense up. Then the race begins and with every stroke, the music continues to play in my head until my hands have hit the wall at the finish. The music motivates me, making my body out of control until I finish the race. At the finish I mentally feel on top of the world. When a sound affects someone mentally it is a psychological sound. Psychological sounds have the ability to make people mentally stressed. As for me, trying to study at night in silence is very appreciated. Around 1:00 A.M. a neighbor nearby feels the need to always let their dog out. This dog is outside for usually an hour as it barks nonstop. This has a giant mental affect on me. I become very stressed with the

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