Character Analysis Of Soul-Catcher By Louis Owens

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Soul-Catcher By Louis Owens Many Native American people viewed large American cats –jaguars, mountain lions, and panthers- as and possessing supernatural powers. Choctaw-Cherokee author Louis Owens focuses on a black panther in the Yazoo River basin in Mississippi. The wounded panther besieges the cabin where a California boy is visiting his Choctaw great-uncle. “Soul-Catcher” revolves around this mixed-heritage youth who learns about his identity from ethnography books and folktales. In contrast, his isolated, traditional great-uncle has learned his identity through experience. The cabin sits in Mississippi Delta swampland, ideal panther habitat. Owens says…show more content…
His father had gone hunting along Yazoo River. On his way home, a black panther, “painter” as he pronounced it, began stalking him. He reached the door of their cabin, and shut it behind him before the panther could pounce. The angry animal leapt to the roof, and the family spent the night listening to its footsteps and screams. So the story, soul-catcher, has somehow the same environment. Owens starts his story by creating an eerie, ominous setting. The young, pale-skinned boy who has been educated in the “light of California” is brought to the Mississippi swamps of the Yazoo River by his uncle, and old man who has learned to survive in the “darkness of the swamps”. The old man lives his life by hunting raccoons, skinning them and selling their skin to the black man who came from across the river to buy coon skins. In a dark, silent night when the old man was walking through a trail to his cabin, he heard a scream that cut through the swamp and he knew at the moment that it was the black koi-panther in Choctaw- that the old man has heard lots of stories about; and all of his life he had been prepared to recognize the soul-catcher,

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