Soul Beliefs Essay

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The topic of “soul” reflects back to the agricultural communities formed around 15,000 years ago. Although the ancestral religion focused on survival in reality and the modern beliefs are more focused on salvation in the next. (Week 2, Lecture slides) The current apprise of discussion of religion and other spiritual beliefs is due to the scientific evidence which is gained. This allows a sufficient number of people to question whether or not a higher power exists. Through this paper, I would like to review several reasons as to why people continue to believe in religion regardless of the scientific evidence given. The different beliefs in the past, which were covered in this course are; internalized beliefs rooted during childhood, afterlife, and judgment day. Trust is one of the most valued bond within a human relationship. Many of the values about religion and the beliefs are rooted in a humans childhood and are usually through the child’s parents. This is known as “internalized beliefs”. Since, the beliefs come from a reliable and a trustworthy source these beliefs are not easily shakeable. However, with the growing evidence these beliefs are challenged and beliefs of many people are being questioned. This may cause dismay to certain humans. Internalized beliefs are usually connected to feelings and are known to be spread out through their brain and body, which is the reason why regardless of the evidence given people tend to cling to these beliefs. Professor Ogilvie further explains these beliefs "as large boulders lying beneath the surface of a stream that directs the flow of water around them, solidly grounded internalized beliefs automatically and effortlessly determine the acceptability and unacceptability of ideas coming their way in terms of whether or not that information supports their footings or poses a threat to their stability". He also describes

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